Heisenberg’s Chicken

25 heisenberg's chicken

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that there is a lower limit to the product of the uncertainties in position and momentum of a wave-particle. (ΔxΔp > h/4π). This comes about because every wave-particle has an associated wave function which describes the probabilistic existence of the wave-particle. Interestingly, any attempt to constrain a wave function in position inevitably results in the wave function being less constrained in momentum.

In this comic, an attempt to restrict the chicken to a smaller space (reduce Δx) inevitably results in faster motion of the chicken (increased Δp). Haha.


Wannabe Vector

26 Vector Snobbery

Work is a scalar quantity that is often mistaken by students to be a vector quantity.

While it is true that work done on an object depends on the direction of the force (a vector) with respect to the displacement (also a vector) (W=FΔscosθ), work itself is a scalar quantity. Positive work done on an object implies an increase in the object’s energy. Negative work done implies a decrease. The plus and negative sign convention for work clearly does not imply any spatial direction.

In this comic, work is acting snobbish because he mistakenly thinks he belongs to a higher class than mass, area and time. Haha.

Hammer and Feather

27 Titanic

During one of the Apollo missions, an astronaut demonstrated that a feather and a hammer fall at the same rate when dropped on the Moon where the air is very thin. On Earth, due to air resistance having a much bigger effect on the feather than the hammer, the feather attains a much lower terminal velocity than the hammer.

In this comic, feather and hammer are depicted as a romantic couple. Standing at the edge of a cliff, the lovely feather muttered the famous line from the movie “Titanic”. Poor hammer. Haha.

Action Reaction Twin

28 Action reaction twins

When an object is resting on a surface, its weight W and the normal contact force N are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. This misleads many students to mistake them as a action-reaction pair. This is actually quite an absurd mistake because W (gravitational pull) and N (electrical repulsion) are not even forces of the same nature.

In this comic, the panda and the goose are shocked by the DNA test results which showed them to be not biological twins. Haha.