n Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. (I don’t know why he ends up being depicted holding up the globe.)

This is undoubtedly a strenuous task requiring a large force. But since he is only holding up the sky, and the sky did not move, he is not doing any work to the sky.

W=F.s. No displacement, no work.

The Wave-Particle Face-off

6 nature of light debate

Is light a wave or a stream of particles? This has been debated for hundreds of years. From Newton’s Corpuscular Theory, to Huygen’s Principle. Young’s double slit experiment seemed to have settled matters, until Einstein’s photoelectric effect came along.

In this comic, pugilists from the wave and particle camps fight each other to the death, throwing deadly wave and particle weapons at each other. Haha.

Continuous Spectrum Violin

8 continuous spectrum violin

A hot solid emits light with a continuous spectrum, i.e. there is no gap in the spectrum, every wavelength is present. A hot gas on the other hand emits light with a discrete spectrum, i.e. only certain sharply defined wavelengths are present.

In this comic, the boy is struggling to play the correct notes because the violin is a “continuous spectrum instrument”. By pressing along the violin string, one can produce sounds of any pitch, including off tune notes. A piano on the other hand is a “discrete spectrum instrument”. It can only produce notes that the piano keys have been tuned to, and nothing in between. Haha.

The Banana Absorption Line

9 fruit absorption line

An absorption spectrum is obtained by shining white light through a dense gas. While most light passes through the dense gas, certain specific wavelengths (that correspond to the energy gaps in the gas atom’s quantized energy structure) are absorbed. The resulting spectrum is best described as dark lines in a continuous spectrum.

In this comic, only the bananas are “absorbed” by the monkey, resulting in gaps in the “fruit spectrum”. Haha.

Bremsstrahlung Car

10 bremsstrahlung car

A charged body undergoing acceleration (speed up, slow down, or change direction) must lose energy by emitting electromagnetic radiation. This is called the Bremsstrahlung radiation, which is the underlying cause for the background X-ray radiation.

In this comic, the car moving in a zig-zag manner is fined for accelerating, losing eV in the process. Haha.